One of the biggest dangers on Instagram is scams. Cybercriminals set up fake accounts on the social media site in order to sell likes and follows. The fake account owners often target influencers who fall for the scams. They give them personal information so that they can make a quick buck. In other cases, fake giveaways appear with real prizes but ask you to buy credits or slots in exchange for access to their account. Be sure to check a third-party account to verify that the person behind the page is not a scammer and report the fraud to your social media account.

To prevent Instagram scams, users should be alert for suspicious accounts and third-party apps connected to their accounts. While the vast majority of third-party applications on the site are safe, they may have unintentionally installed a rogue app. To prevent this from happening, check the active list of authorised apps and grant access only to the ones you’re interested in. Also, check whether the account is verified. If you find that the price of a product is really too low or the payment method is strange, it’s worth a second look.

Another common scam on Instagram is scammers impersonating influencers to entice people to send them money. These people often pose as celebrities or other respected influencers to get your personal information or make offers. These people may also ask for a shipping fee or personal information. Don’t ever provide such details to anyone, even if they ask you for them. It’s always best to trust your friends and family before sharing your private information.